Bryan ISD School Board And Administrators Continue Calling Out The Texas Education Agency And The Governor

Screen shot from a Bryan ISD document.
Screen shot from a Bryan ISD document.

Bryan ISD school board members learn about changes from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that apply to all public schools around the state.

The opinion after a 30 minute update and discussion at Monday night’s meeting…quoting multiple board members…”Anybody have Tums? Rolaids? After that TEA update. Horrible.”

Associate superintendent Barbara Ybarra says students are preparing to take new STAAR and end of course exams, where the TEA has not provided how they will grade the results…and the final results won’t be known until the start of the next school year.

Ybarra also brought up TEA’s plans to change how school districts and campuses are graded…again, something that the state has not shared with school districts.

Ybarra found small print from the TEA that said “It is possible that a campus with an A in 2022 may improved in 2023, and yet receive a B rating.”

BISD board president Julie Harlin pointed the finger at the governor, who hires the TEA commissioner.

Harlin said the TEA changes are part of the continuing effort to “redirect money away from public schools to a private school that has no accountability” with TEA.

Board member David Stasny suggested in jest that “I think we have the perfect solution. Let’s just convert ourselves to a private school and we’re good.”

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Comments at Monday night’s Bryan ISD board meeting follow observations that were made the week before during a meeting of the Brazos County intergovernmental committee meeting.

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