Bryan Council Is Asked To Let BTU Offer Internet And The Mayor Tells WTAW News That Can’t Be Done

Don’t look for the Bryan city council to consider the idea of allowing BTU to offer internet and cable TV.

A speaker during the public comment portion of the last council meeting, Colleen Batchelor, said “BTU was created to promote the public welfare when private entities doing the job.”

Batchelor also said the lack of reasonably priced internet that also has reasonable reliability impedes the progress of students, households, and businesses.


By state law, the council could not respond because it was not on the agenda.

WTAW News spoke with Bryan mayor Andrew Nelson about the request. Nelson says he understands residents frustrations with choices for local cable and internet service. But the city and BTU does not have the legal right to compete with providing cable services.


At least one Texas city, Greenville, has a city owned electric company that offers cable TV and internet.