Bryan City Council Awards First Beautification Grant In The Midtown Corridor District

The Bryan city council awards its first beautification grant in the Midtown corridor district to a business operated by a former councilman.

The unanimous vote during the council’s December meeting followed no public discussion.

The action came two months after the council expanded the geography of Bryan’s corridor beautification grant program to 61 properties inside the Midtown corridor district.

The grant review panel recommended giving 100 percent of what was requested by councilman Greg Owens and his wife for their ServPro franchise on South Tabor Road.

The review panel gave the application a score of 41 points out of a possible 100. The panel’s reasons are that the building is at a highly visible location and the project appears to have an overall positive impact to the beautification of the corridor.

The grant for $10,670.23 covers half the cost of rock skirting around two buildings, new signs, and new handrails and awnings.

Click HERE to read and download background information on the grant request.

Click HERE to read and download the grant application.