Brazos County Volunteer Fire Departments Respond To 61 Grass Fires In The Last 30 Days

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Brazos County commissioners are told volunteer fire departments (VFD) have responded to 61 wildfires in the last 30 days.

Deputy emergency management coordinator Jason Ware says no structures have been lost to fires outside of city limits.

Two fires in the last week started from spontaneous combustion of compost piles.

Brazos County VFD’s have also provided mutual aid for College Station and Bryan firefighters as well as volunteer departments outside of Brazos County.

Ware says the three primary causes for fires along roads and highways are sparks from trailer chains hitting the pavement, discarded smoking materials, and fireworks around July 4th.

He recommends property owners to mow in a 50 to 70 foot radius of buildings as one way to reduce fire dangers.

Click below for comments from Jason Ware during the July 26, 2022 Brazos County commission meeting.

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