Brazos County Residents Are Asked Again To Complete And Send In Jury Summons Notices

Photo of the entrance to the Brazos County courthouse.

Brazos County residents who have a received a jury summons request that was due May 13, now have until May 15 to send in their information.

District Clerk Gabriel Garcia tells WTAW News they are short 884 people to fill 22 jury panels for trials that are scheduled for July.

Garcia also says he has no prospective jurors to take care of eight jury trials that are scheduled in July.

That’s a concern for Bryan based private practice attorney Shane Phelps, who is also a former prosecutor with the district attorney’s office.

Phelps says he would hate to see judges have bailiffs and deputies bring to the courthouse, people who did not fill out jury summons.

Phelps, who is on the board of the Texas criminal defense lawyers association, expects plenty of challenges to speedy trial provisions.

Click below for comments from Shane Phelps, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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