Brazos County Health District Statement About Positive Coronavirus Tests At A College Station Retirement & Assisted Living Facility

The Brazos County health district issued a statement Tuesday afternoon acknowledging an undisclosed number of residents at a College Station retirement and assisted living facility have tested positive for coronavirus.

WTAW News has asked the health district for a specific number of residents of The Waterford who have tested positive.

WTAW News has also asked the health district if any employees and/or family members of residents have tested positive.

WTAW News has sent requests to The Waterford’s Facebook page and an e-mail to Waterford’s corporate office requesting a reply to the health district’s announcement.

Statement from the Brazos County health district:

The Brazos County Health District is aware residents at The Waterford at College Station assisted living facility have tested positive for COVID-19. This is a devastating situation, and we have been and will continue to be in close collaboration with the facility’s administration to provide education and guidance moving forward. Through this dialogue, we have learned that prior to this The Waterford was following guidance from both their corporate office and the Texas Health & Human Services Commission. For example, they were restricting visitors, screening staff, and had implemented enhanced cleaning procedures.

In response to this situation, COVID-19 testing was recommended for all residents and staff and has been implemented as testing supplies have allowed. The health district remains in regular contact with Texas Health & Human Services Commission staff to provide ongoing guidance on how to best protect these vulnerable residents from this infection.

Also, more broadly, the Brazos County Health District has been collaborating with administrators and medical directors of local long-term and assisted living care facilities in the area. We remain committed to work with each to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Brazos County Health District strives to be transparent in our response to COVID-19, while at the same time to protect the privacy of those impacted. In this delicate balance, we first and foremost remain committed to serving the greater good and take serious the duty of efficiently implementing public health practices, such as those outlined above.