Brazos County Commissioners Hear Again From The Mother Of A Jail Inmate

Screen shot of Dixie Bollin from the Facebook Live video of the October 25, 2022 Brazos County commission meeting.
Screen shot of Dixie Bollin from the Facebook Live video of the October 25, 2022 Brazos County commission meeting.

For the third time, the mother of an Iola man charged with the April 2021 mass shooting at Kent Moore Cabinets in Bryan addresses the Brazos County commission.

Dixie Bollin said Tuesday that she has seen no changes in the treatment of her son, Larry, since she last spoke with commissioners seven weeks ago.

Bollin repeated that her son’s legal counsel is his father, and that he has not received any discovery evidence from the district attorney’s office. A DA’s spokeswoman told WTAW News that they have provided all discovery to Larry Bollin’s court appointed lawyer. WTAW News has not received a reply to a follow up question if the DA’s office recognizes Bollin’s father as his legal counsel as stated by the defendant’s mother.

Mrs. Bollin also said she and a younger son were contacted by an investigator with the Texas Rangers if they knew about a man wearing a red shirt and driving a red Toyota Tundra truck. She said “there was a guy that was after our son that day” of the shooting. She said Larry “had every right to use self defense. They were after him, a gang at Kent Moore Cabinets.” Mrs. Bollin said Larry went to his “bosses several times as well as other co workers and they were denied protection. This gang went on and harassed my son. Could of been avoided, unfortunately.” Mrs. Bollin said “the man in the red truck was shooting at our son multiple times while he was in my car.” She then said the man in the red truck was arrested and held for several days before being released and was told to leave town.

When asked to comment about Mrs. Bollin’s statement, the DA spokeswoman told WTAW News “we cannot comment about the specifics of the investigation and prosecution of Mr. Bollin”.

As of October 28, trial dates have not been set for Larry Bollin on charges of murder, attempt to commit capital murder of multiple people, and five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Larry Bollin remains in the Brazos County jail in lieu of bonds totaling $4.2 million dollars.

Click below for comments from Dixie Bollin during the October 25, 2022 Brazos County commission meeting.

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