Brazos County Commissioners Are Told No Ballot Discrepancies From The November Election After More Public Requests To Return To Paper Ballots

Last week’s Brazos County commission meeting (November 28) began with public comments that includes more requests to stop using voting machines and return to paper ballots.

At the end of the meeting, elections administrator Trudy Hancock reported no discrepancies following manual recounts of early voting from six precincts and election day voting from three precincts.

As previously reported, Hancock said the state allowed Brazos County to expand its manual recount of early voting ballots from three to six precincts. That was followed by the manual recount of all election day ballots at three locations chosen by the state.

Hancock told commissioners for early voting, the state chose precincts 33, 43, and 98. Then the county drew at random, precincts 23, 34, and 41 with the chairs of the Brazos County Republican and Democratic parties present.

The recount from Election Day voting involved all ballots from College Station city hall, College Station’s Lincoln Center, and Arena Hall in Bryan.

Click below for comments from Trudy Hancock during the November 28, 2023 Brazos County commission meeting.