Brazos County Commissioners Approve Pay Raises For Elected Officials

Brazos County commissioners approved pay raises Tuesday for 18 elected officials.

With no discussion, the unanimous vote shares a total of $81,481 dollars.

The largest raise goes to the sheriff at almost $6,400 dollars.

The county judge and the county attorney gets a raise of just over $5,000 dollars.

The raises for the county treasurer and tax assessor-collector are just over $4,000 dollars.

12 other elected officials, including the four county commissioners, received raises of just under $4,000 dollars.

The raise for the judge of county court at law #2 is $442 dollars.

No raise was given to the judge of county court at law number #1, whose salary is the highest at just over $193,000 dollars.

County commissioners do not set the salaries of the district judges and the district attorney. But there is a county stipend to state salaries.

As for the remaining county employees, commissioners have not taken final action on next year’s pay raises. The proposed budget calls for a four and a half percent cost of living adjustment and a one and a half percent merit pool. The proposal also calls for raising pay for an unidentified number of department heads by a combined $37,606 and an additional $359,210 for “position reclassifications, deletions, and salary increases and decreases.

Click HERE to read and download a list of fiscal year 2024 salaries for Brazos County elected officials from a Brazos County document.

Screen shot from a Brazos County document.
Screen shot from a Brazos County document.