Brazos County Commission Modifies Mass Gathering Permit Following Behavior At A Pasture Party South Of Wixon Valley

Screen shot from a Brazos County document.
Screen shot from a Brazos County document.

Twice during May, Brazos County commissioners modified requirements to get a mass gathering permit.

Commissioner Chuck Konderla said changes were approved during the May 9 meeting following what was advertised as a “trail ride” in a pasture along Andert Road south of Wixon Valley in April.

Konderla said the April event, which was supposed to have fewer than 500 attendees, drew as many as 1,000. Konderla heard reports of people staying as late as 4 a.m. blocking the road, “excessive speeding up and down the (county) road in ATV’s, the drunkenness”, “fistfights in the middle of the road”, and hearing loud and “very profane music”.

Konderla said party organizers did not have the proper permits when they held an event at the same location May 20. Konderla said turnout was a couple of dozen.

Konderla thanked a “large enforcement presence” on May 20 that included the sheriff’s and precinct two constable offices.

During the commission’s meeting on May 30, the permit application was modified again to allow the sheriff’s office to use drones to record overhead video of the event.

Click HERE to read and download the mass gathering permit application that was approved at the May 30, 2023 Brazos County commission meeting.

Requirements also include:

  • Filing an application at least 45 days prior to the event, paying a non-refundable $300 dollar application fee, a minimum $250 dollar health inspection fee, and a minimum $250 dollar fire marshal inspection fee.
  • A hearing will be held no later than ten days prior to the event and the following representative will be available to attend if necessary.
  • Provide a certified copy of the agreement between the promoter and the property owner.
  • List of the name and address of each performer and of their agent who has agreed to appear at the mass gathering including a description of the terms of the agreement.
  • Financial statement reflecting the funds being supplied to finance the mass gathering and each person supplying the funds.
  • Describe the steps taken to ensure that minimum standards of health and sanitation will be maintained during the gathering.
  • Describe the steps taken to ensure the physical health/safety of the persons attending.
  • Describe the preparation taken to provide adequate medical and nursing care.
  • Describe how attendance will be limited to the maximum number stated in the event description.
  • Describe the preparations you will take to provide traffic control.
  • Describe the steps you will take to ensure that the mass gathering will be conducted in an orderly manner.
  • Describe the preparations you will take to supervise minors who may attend the mass gathering:
  • Identify the location on the grounds where the promoter or a representative will be available at all times during the event.

Click below to hear comments from Chuck Konderla, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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