Bogus Voter Registration E-mail

A bogus e-mail is circulating among local residents in regards to their voter registration expiring.


Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 5:48 PM
Subject: Texans MUST re-Register to Vote in 2012…Mine expired!!!!!!!!!!


This is a very important election year.  Have you checked your voter registration card?

They EXPIRED December 31, 2011!!!

Most seemingly did, at leas,t in Texas. Mine expired; check yours.

*Until this year voter registration cards were automatically mailed to arrive before expiration, but that did NOT happen this year_.

So far no proof of fraud, such
       as omitting all Republicans or all Democrats…..depending on
       which dominates your local voter district administration……They are
       waiting for the new ‘redistricting’ to be approved?

That means you will have to get a new registration certificate.  If you do not, you will NOT be able to vote!!!

Either go to your County Clerk Office OR ‘Google’   voter Registration.
Go to your County.  Click on “Request a Voter Registration Application”.
Next, click on the “Informal Online Registration Application”.  It will take you to the registration form entry point.
Once you answer “Are you a U.S. Citizen?” it opens the form for
you to complete.  Complete it – Print it

Mail it to the Registrar of Voters address at the upper left of the printed form.

PLEASE make sure you do this as we need EVERY VOTE!!!!

Please get the word out!!!!!!



New voter registration cards are usually sent out in December, but this year’s census caused a delay in the new certificates being mailed out.

Voter Registrar Kristy Roe said if you were registered in December and you have not moved out-of-state or into a different county, you are still registered. She said deadlines have been pushed back, but new certificates should be mailed out no later than April 25th.

Roe said their biggest concern is people re-applying for registration because of this e-mail. The voter registrar’s office cannot just ignore the duplicate application, but they must send back a formal reply, which takes unnecessary time and effort when the person is already a registered voter.

WTAW’s Chelsea Reber visits with Kristy Roe