Before A Texas A&M Football Player Enters The Transfer Portal, He Goes To Jail For The Third Time

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Photo of Josh Moten from
Photo of Josh Moten from
One of the latest Texas A&M football players to enter the transfer portal spent part of last weekend in the Brazos County jail.

It’s the third time that 20 year old Josh Moten has been arrested since February 2021.

According to the College Station police arrest report, Motel was driving a car in the Northgate district after the bars closed Sunday morning when the car that struck a city trash container with enough force to send the container through the front door of the 12 Rooftop Bar.

Moten is out of jail after posting bonds totaling $6,000 dollars following his arrest for drunk driving, reckless driving, and striking an object.

In May 2021, Moten pleaded guilty to attempted misdemeanor possession of marijuana that took place in February 2021. He was placed on deferred adjudication for 180 days and has paid $795 dollars in fines and court costs.

In June 2022, Moten was arrested in June for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Brazos County Attorney Earl Gray declined to prosecute. Gray told WTAW News that there was insufficient evidence due to three people in the car at the time of the arrest who all denied ownership of less than two grams of marijuana.