Arrests On Arson, DWI, And Property Crime Charges

A Bryan man arrested last month on vehicle burglary charges returns to jail on an arson charge. According to the College Station police arrest report, 18 year old Robert William Taylor says someone else tried to set fire to a car that was on a trailer. A witness who contacted 9-1-1 said they saw Taylor make the attempt. And the witness says Taylor told them to move their car because he was going to blow up the car on the trailer. Taylor, who is awaiting trial on the vehicle burglary charges from last month, remains in jail on bonds totaling $23,000 dollars.

A Bryan woman was arrested this week on a DWI charge associated with a crash that took place in March of last year. The arrest report from Bryan police accuses 52 year old Ginger Pivonka of having a blood alcohol level that’s one and a half times the legal limit at .121. The investigating officer also noted that this was the first of what he described as two violent single vehicle crashes that happened in a five day period. Following the second crash, Pivonka was arrested and is now awaiting trial on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. Pivonka, who sustained what the officer described were minimal injuries from both crashes, is out of jail after posting bonds totaling $6,000 dollars.

A Bryan man is arrested on two consecutive days this week on property crime charges. According to the Bryan police arrest report, an officer recognized the man who is accused of stealing a SUV on Tuesday morning as a man involved in a misdemeanor theft arrest on Monday. 19 year old Elisha Mosley-Garza was arrested after telling officers where they could find the vehicle. The victim told officers she left the SUV running after she went into a west side convenience store. The victim said she was under the impression the vehicle would stop because she had the key. The $43,000 dollar SUV, which the victim recently received as a gift, was recovered in about two hours. Mosley-Garza remains in jail in lieu of an $8,000 dollar bond.

Photos of (L-R) Robert WilliamTaylor, Ginger Pivonka, and Elisha Mosley-Garza from