Arrests For Evidence Tampering And Possessing More Than A Pound Of Meth

Gunfire at a College Station apartment complex last Friday night led to one person being taken to the hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. According to a College Station police news release, the gunfire at Laurel Ridge apartments on Spring Loop followed a disagreement between two people over the sale of undisclosed property. No one has been arrested for the shooting. But a third person went to jail on a charge of tampering with evidence. According to the CSPD arrest report, 20 year old Divizon Woods of College Station grabbed a gun belonging to the man who was shot along with the undisclosed property and an undisclosed amount of cash and put it all in the bottom of a trash bag along with other garbage. Woods was released from jail after posting an $8,000 dollar bond.

College Station police estimate $3,400 dollars of methamphetamine was seized in a vehicle stopped last Friday afternoon for not having insurance while having an obscured license plate. According to the arrest report, the vehicle was searched after the officer smelled marijuana and the driver said he had a gun next to the driver’s seat. 18 ounces of meth was found in the glove box. 18 year old Adnan Shami of Houston is also accused of having smaller amounts of LSD and marijuana and 13 items of drug paraphernalia in his red Cadillac.

Photos of (L-R) Divizon Woods and Adnan Shami from