Arrests At The Bryan DPS Drivers License Station And The Highway 30-Navasota River Bridge

A driving test at the Bryan DPS office last Friday did not go as planned. That’s after the person giving the test smelled burnt marijuana inside a car. According to the DPS arrest report, a trooper was called to the testing site. After confirming the odor, the trooper received permission to search the car. In the trunk, the trooper found two grams of marijuana and a pipe with residue. That led to the arrest of 23 year old Whitney Terry of Bryan, who was going to let her friend use her car for the driving test. Terry is out of jail after posting a $2,000 dollar bond. The arrest report does not say if DPS let the friend use Terry’s car for the driving test.

A city of Bryan fire marshal let a state game warden know of gunfire last Saturday afternoon at Highway 30 and the Navasota River. According to the game warden’s arrest report, four men had two fishing poles in the river and one of the men admitted to shooting an assault rifle in the river and the riverbank. The game warden found on top of their car, a box of ammunition where 40 of one hundred rounds were still in the box. The man who said the AK-47 rifle was his and the receipt for the ammo was in his name…19 year old Francisco Javier Rodriguez of Bryan, is out of jail after posting a $2,000 dollar bond following his arrest on a disorderly conduct charge related to firing the rifle.

Photos of (L-R) Whitney Terry and Francisco Javier Rodriguez from