Amtrak Announces A Partnership On Texas Central’s High Speed Passenger Train Between Houston And Dallas

Screen shot from Amtrak's website
Screen shot from Amtrak's website

For ten years, the company wanting to build a high speed passenger train between Houston and Dallas promoted not using public money.

On Wednesday, Amtrak announced a partnership on Texas Central’s project that includes applying for at least two federal grants to further study and design what Amtrak describes as a potential Dallas to Houston segment.

Amtrak says their relationship with Texas Central goes back to 2016 with agreements for support services including Texas Central using Amtrak’s reservation system.

Amtrak’s news release states the partnership has the support of the mayors of Dallas and Houston.

Texans Against High Speed Rail posted on its Facebook page, statements from congressman Jake Ellzey and state representative Cody Harris continuing their opposition to the Texas Central project with Amtrak’s involvement.

Texas Central’s project is one of four that Amtrak listed to expand passenger train service to parts of Texas.

Amtrak’s news release also says the carrier has also applied for grants to extend their Crescent route from Mississippi through Louisiana and Texas. Amtrak also supports efforts by the Kansas department of transportation to provide passenger service through Oklahoma and Texas. And Amtrak supports the Texas department of transportation’s applications for passenger service in the triangle connecting Dallas/Fort Worth to Houston and San Antonio.

Click HERE to read and download Amtrak’s August 9, 2023 news release.

Screen shot from the Texans Against High Speed Rail Facebook page.
Screen shot from the Texans Against High Speed Rail Facebook page.

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