Aggie Habitat for Humanity Hosts Shack-a-Thon

Photo courtesy of Texas A&M's chapter of Habitat for Humanity

Texas A&M University’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity is hosting their annual spring fundraiser this week.

Trent Reik, co-president, says student organizations build shacks outside of Kyle Field and live in them throughout the week.

“It’s part of that homelessness awareness. Just how homeless people have to collect resources and live in whatever makeshift structure they can get, so do these students,” says Reik.

Reik says the goal of Shack-a-Thon is to bring awareness to the homeless and sub-standard housing issues in our community.

“We often like to think that people who can’t afford good housing are far away from us, but it turns out many of them are right next door,” says Reik.

Reik says the students organizations pay to participate and live in the shacks through the end of the week. Money raised goes towards a local Habitat for Humanity house.

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