$10 Million Dollar Exterior Repairs Of Texas A&M’s Academic Building Approved By The Board Of Regents

Texas A&M photo of Texas A&M's Academic Building.
Texas A&M photo of Texas A&M's Academic Building.

The Texas A&M system board of regents approves spending $10 million dollars to repair the exterior of Texas A&M’s Academic Building.

That follows a unanimous recommendation from the regents building committee. During the committee meeting, A&M chief financial officer John Crawford said the project will be done this year, one year sooner than originally planned.

Crawford said this project will address $6.8 million dollars of deferred maintenance.

While exterior repairs are being done, Crawford said administrators will develop plans for renovating the Academic Building’s interior.

Click HERE to read and download background information about the A&M Academic Building project that was approved by the board of regents on February 8, 2024.

Click below to hear comments from John Crawford during the February 7, 2024 meeting of the board of regents building committee.