Bryan Police Has A New Assistant Chief

Thanks to coronavirus, attendance was restricted at a Bryan police department promotion that took place Tuesday afternoon.

Lt. Dean Swartzlander was named assistant chief of BPD’s patrol services bureau.

Chief Eric Buske made the announcement at the private ceremony that can be seen on BPD’s Facebook page.

City secretary Mary Lynne Stratta administered the oath, and the wife of the new assistant chief did the pinning.

Click below for comments from Eric Buske, Mary Lynne Stratta, and Dean Swartzlander:



Screen shot from the Bryan police department’s Facebook pge.

From Bryan police:

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at 2:30 p.m., The Bryan Police Department will promote Lt. Dean Swartzlander to the rank of Assistant Chief.

Lt. Dean Swartzlander is a 23 year veteran of the Bryan Police Department. Swartzlander started his career on patrol in August 1997 where he served for four years. During that time Swartzlander was assigned K9 “Ranger” who was a drug detection dog on patrol. In 2001 Swartzlander transferred to the newly formed K9 Unit and was given a new partner “Rudi” who was trained in drug detection, article recovery, detention and apprehension. In 2008 Swartzlander was promoted to Sergeant where he supervised patrol and K9 until “Rudi” retired in 2009. In 2009 Sgt. Swartzlander transferred to the Training and Recruiting Dept. where he worked until 2014. In 2014, he was promoted to Lieutenant over Support Services. Lt. Swartzlander was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Bryan Police Department Police Academy which graduated its first class on November 15, 2018.

Swartzlander has received one of the Department’s highest recognition more than once when he was awarded Officer of the Year in 2000 and Supervisor of the Year in 2009 and again in 2011.

Lt. Swartzlander has received recognition for his exceptional work and service to the community:

• 1999 – Departmental Citation for his work on Church burglaries

• 2000 – Departmental Citation for responding to a call where he attempted to revive a child who later perished.

• 2003 – Metal of Valor for the Robbery at Western Union

• 2003 – Named Officer of the Year by the Texas Municipal Police Officers’ Association

• 2004 – Received proclamation from Mayor Watson for courage in the line of duty

• 2005 – Received VFW Law Enforcement Gold Medal Award

• 2006 – Medal of Valor for the Taquerias Arandas Robbery

• 2009 – Community Service Citation for Robbery at Palasota Grocery where Swartzlander and Rudi assisted in the tracking and arrest of the suspect.

Asst. Chief. Dean Swartzlander’s future assignment will be to supervise the Patrol Services Bureau. Asst. Chief Swartzlander will continue his exceptional service in his newly appointed position.