Winter Storm Power Outage Update

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While more than 3,000 electric customers north and east of Brazos County continue to have outages from Sunday’s snowstorm, BTU is down to fewer than 10 after restoring service to more than 1,600.

BTU energy delivery director Randy Trimble reported during Monday’s BTU board meeting that for the most part, the remaining customers without power are those whose meters were damaged.

General manager Gary Miller credited their vegetation management plan for not causing additional outages from the wet and heavy snowfall.

Shortly before noon on Tuesday, Navasota Valley Electric reported 193 outages affecting 3,629 customers mostly in Robertson and Leon counties. Entergy reported 38 customers without power in Madison County. And BTU reported nine customers without power.

Click below for comments from Randy Trimble and Gary Miller during the January 11, 2021 BTU board meeting.