Wearing Masks Is Not A Requirement For Voters And Election Workers

Reserved parking for voters next to the Brazos County elections administration office.

Wearing a mask is not a requirement to vote or to be an election worker.

Brazos County elections administrator Trudy Hancock, who has received calls from concerned voters seeing workers and other voters without masks, says the state’s elections code takes precedence over local orders.

Hancock says the state law does not require face coverings within 100 feet of an election site.

In Brazos County, election workers are provided face coverings, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Voters are also provided hand sanitizer.

In Brazos County, voters are given a pencil, where the eraser end is used to press the buttons on the electronic voting machines. After voting, the pencils are placed in a box where they are cleaned for future use.

Hancock tells voters who are uncomfortable approaching an election worker who is not wearing a mask, to go to the next check in station.

Click below for comments from Trudy Hancock, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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