Three Arrests After Police Use Home Video, After A 9-1-1 Hangup, And After Officers Receive Neighborhood Assistance

Home video is used by College Station police to arrest a state prison parolee from Calvert on charges of breaking into a home two weeks ago near Anderson Park. 18 year old Quenton Williams is accused of throwing a cinder block through a bedroom window and taking a handgun with two loaded magazines, three boxes of ammunition, and a PlayStation four with accessories. According to the CSPD arrest report, two officers recognized Williams when they watched the home video. The arrest report noted Williams parole was scheduled to end September 8. He is jailed in lieu of bonds totaling $100,000 dollars on charges that also includes theft of a firearm and possessing a gun as a convicted felon. Bonds also include charges in pending trials on two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm that took place four years ago.

College Station police responding Tuesday night to someone who hung up after calling 9-1-1 led to the arrest of a Bryan man on multiple charges. CSPD reports 22 year old Micheal Murphy is accused of refusing to leave a home on Lemon Tree Lane and threatening occupants with physical injury or death. After officers arrived, Murphy is accused of threatening to kill those who called 9-1-1 and resisting officers as he was being taken to a police vehicle. And on the ride to jail, Murphy is accused of kicking the inside of both rear doors, causing property damage of more than $2,500 dollars. While Murphy is held on bonds totaling $18,000 dollars, he is also awaiting trial on misdemeanor charges from last August of assault causing bodily injury and resisting arrest.

Bryan police received some neighborhood assistance on Tuesday near sunset in finding a suspect who led officers on a three block foot chase in the area of 29th and Haswell. According to the arrest report, 32 year old Christopher Deshune Thomas of College Station denied running away…though one of the officers wrote Thomas was sweating profusely, he was wearing the same clothes as the man being pursued, and he was hiding on the second floor landing of a vacant building. Thomas was arrested on charges of evading, family violence assault, and possessing 11 and a half Xanax tablets. He is also jailed for violating parole following a conviction for aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury that took place in November 2014.

Photos of (L-R) Quenton Williams, Micheal Murphy, and Christopher Deshune Thomas from