Texas A&M’s Provost Announces More Plans For Fall Semester Classes

Texas A&M’s provost has updated faculty, staff, and students about the execution of fall classes.

Provost Carol Fierke sent on Monday, what she plans to be twice a month e-mails.

Among the changes, is extending the time between classes to 30 minutes, along with a 45 minute break around the noon hour for classrooms to be cleaned.

Dr. Fierke says while the days that instructors are scheduled to teach are not likely to change, it is likely there will be new class times. The process is underway to set those new times.

Classes will continue on a Monday through Friday schedule. More classes will be held and scheduled later into each weekday.

The provost also says it is likely that room assignments will change due to addressing the pandemic by additional cleaning and reducing classroom capacities to between 33 and 40 percent.

Because A&M has what Fierke says is a disproportionate number of smaller classrooms, instruction will happen where events and meetings typically take place.

She believes almost half of A&M’s fall classes will be face-to face, where students also have the option of taking those classes remotely.

A&M is also working on meeting the president’s goal of students having face to face contact with their instructors at least once per week.

Fierke says students will not be required to re-register for fall classes. But students who want to make changes can do so, starting July 27th.

The president previously announced fall classes start three days earlier than planned, on August 19th. Instruction ends at Thanksgiving break.

Screen shot of e-mail sent by the Texas A&M provost’s office to students and to WTAW News.
Screen shot of e-mail sent by the Texas A&M provost’s office to faculty and staff and to WTAW News.