Texas A&M System Board Of Regents Approves Building Climate Controlled Storage For PPE On The RELLIS Campus

RELLIS campus entrance off Highway 47/Riverside Parkway.
RELLIS campus entrance off Highway 47/Riverside Parkway.

A climate controlled warehouse to store personal protective equipment (PPE) will be built at the Texas A&M system’s RELLIS campus.

That’s after the board of regents approved a request at this month’s meeting from Nim Kidd, the director of the Texas division of emergency management (TDEM) and the system’s vice chancellor for disaster and emergency services.

Kidd says TDEM is currently working with 450,000 square feet of borrowed storage space.

Construction of the 60,000 square foot, $10.4 million dollar building will start towards the end of next May. Half the funding comes from CARES Act money.

Kidd also asked the regents to thank employees of four other A&M system agencies for their work during the pandemic.

Quoting Kidd, “between TEEX, TEES, the Forest Service and AgriLife, they have saved this state’s bacon.”

Kidd explained “The men and women whose job was not emergency management from those four state agencies, have been working at warehouses around the clock, most of them not climate controlled even today. They have been delivering PPE, delivering medications, delivering test supplies and kits back and forth to labs, around the clock, non stop, without question, without complaint.”

Click HERE to read and download background information about the TDEM storage building approved during the November 12, 2020 Texas A&M system board of regents meeting.

Click below for comments from Nim Kidd during a November 11, 2020 A&M system board of regents committee meeting.

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