Texas A&M Faculty Senate Continues Its Investigation Into A Pair Of University Personnel Issues

Screen shot from the You Tube channel TAMU Faculty Senate.
Screen shot from the You Tube channel TAMU Faculty Senate.

Texas A&M’s faculty senate continues to investigate the failed hiring of Kathleen McElroy to lead A&M’s resurrected journalism program and the two week suspension last March of a professor following a lecture at the University of Texas medical branch in Galveston.

During the September 11 faculty senate meeting, Mark Burge of A&M’s law school shared an update where he said the committee has been contacting reporters and others who asked the faculty senate for public records.

Faculty senate speaker Tracy Hammond told her colleagues that “we don’t give in to any attempts to whitewash our recent history. What happened was not good, and we need to remember as it happened, as only then can we learn from it.”

Hammond also said “Many of us here have never been and are still not naïve. But that doesn’t mean we should react with bitterness. The world isn’t perfect. Texas A&M isn’t perfect. Outside influences will always exist.”

Click below for comments from Mark Burge and Tracy Hammond during the September 11, 2023 Texas A&M faculty senate meeting.