Senator John Cornyn Conference Call With Texas Reporters

Senator John Cornyn visited with Texas reporters September 10, 2020 following the senate’s vote against a fifth pandemic relief bill.

Cornyn and senator Ted Cruz voted for a fifth pandemic relief bill, as did 50 other Republicans. But the measure did not get the minimum 60 to advance to a final vote. Cornyn told reporters “it’s pretty discouraging” that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi “want to ignore the pleading of people who are still hurting.”

Cornyn also talked about a conflict between the U.S. Treasury and Congress over pandemic related tax deductions, the aftermath of hurricanes Hanna and Laura, recent developments at Ft. Hood, and the Jenna Quinn law.

Cornyn then responded to reporter questions, which included his reaction to senator Cruz being added to the president’s list of possible future supreme court nominees and pandemic relief proposals.

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