Second Tour Of Duty For Bryan’s New Parks And Recreation Director

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Photo of David Schmitz from the city of Bryan.
Photo of David Schmitz from the city of Bryan.

The city of Bryan’s interim parks and recreation director since July now has that job on a permanent basis.

And it’s the second time David Schmitz has led that department.

Before Schmitz retired last year as director in College Station for nine years, Schmitz was Bryan’s director between 1999 and 2008.

Schmitz rejoined the city of Bryan following the death of Linda Cornelius earlier this year.

Deputy city manager Hugh Walker says the city received 30 qualified applications for the position, and no one was interviewed.

News release from the city of Bryan:

David Schmitz has officially been named the Director of Parks & Recreation and Facilities for the City of Bryan, beginning Nov. 29, 2021. Schmitz has been serving as Bryan’s Interim Director of Parks & Recreation and Facilities since July.

“During the interim period, David has been beneficial to the City in many ways, including the Travis Bryan Midtown Park project, general park improvements, recreational programming, and customer service,” Deputy City Manager Hugh Walker said. “We look forward to benefitting from David’s experience and expertise, and are excited to know about his continued commitment and desire to serve the City.”

Schmitz retired from the City of College Station in 2020 after serving as their Director of Parks and Recreation for nine years. Schmitz also previously retired from the City of Bryan in 2008 after serving as the Parks and Recreation Director since 1999. He is a certified Parks and Recreation Professional from the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), a Certified Playground Safety Inspector from the National Playground Safety Institute, and a Certified Aquatic Facility Operator from NRPA.

“I am honored and pleased to be working for the City of Bryan. Over the past few months, serving as the Interim Director, my love for the City and the people who work here has been renewed,” Schmitz said. “The City has incredible projects happening in the Parks, Recreation and Facilities areas, and I am excited to be a part of it. I hope that I can serve the citizens well.”

As Director, Schmitz will continue to provide leadership for the Parks & Recreation and Facilities Department on programming, aquatics, maintenance and projects that are underway to improve sports, recreational and event opportunities in Bryan.