Recaps Of Three Local Arrests Involve Charges Of Family Violence, One Jail Inmate Assaulting Another Inmate, And Driving With An Invalid License With Five Prior Convictions

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What began as a Bryan man going to his ex-wife’s house to sign divorce papers ends in his arrest on two domestic violence charges. According to Bryan police arrest reports, 22 year old Mykedrian Ellis had his hands behind his back ready to be handcuffed. Ellis said after he learned his ex-wife was texting other men, he grabbed her throat, struck her, and pushed her to the ground. Ellis was also charged with pushing a six year old child to the ground. Ellis, who was arrested Tuesday of assaulting a family member and injuring a child resulting in reckless bodily injury, remains in jail as of Thursday afternoon in lieu of bonds totaling $83,000 dollars.

A Brazos County jail inmate is arrested for aggravated assault of another inmate that resulted in serious bodily injury. The injured inmate was treated inside the jail after being struck multiple times in the head. According to the sheriff’s office arrest report, video surveillance was used that showed 37 year old Coty Lohse of College Station initiated the contact. It took five deputies to pull Lohse off the other inmate. Lohse is being held for violating parole on an undisclosed conviction. Online records show he was arrested in June for family violence aggravated assault and May of last year for arson. He has not been indicted in either of those cases.

A Bryan man has been in jail since July 27 following his arrest for driving with an invalid license (DWLI) with five prior convictions. The arrest of 52 year old Miguel Angel Cepeda was the result of a traffic stop by a Brazos County sheriff’s deputy because the insurance status of his car was unconfirmed. According to online jail records, Cepeda was also being held for failing to pay almost $2,500 dollars in court costs and/or fines from two prior DWLI convictions. The online records also showed it was Cepeda’s 15th jail booking in the last 15 years. Bond on the new charge was set at $2,000 dollars.

Photos of (L-R) Mykedrian Ellis, Coty Lohse, and Miguel Angel Cepeda from
Photos of (L-R) Mykedrian Ellis, Coty Lohse, and Miguel Angel Cepeda from