Reality Show Star Speaks at Surviving and Thriving Luncheon

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Pink Alliance held its 18th annual Surviving and Thriving Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon on Thursday.

This year’s speaker was Lori Allen, star of TLC network’s reality shows, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta and Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids.

Allen is also a breast cancer survivor. Her message is simple.

“Not to give up,” says Allen.

Allen says with COVID stealing some of the spotlight from other illnesses, it’s important now more than ever to be aware of your health.

“I think last year we all shied away from our health. We stayed home, we didn’t do any events, we didn’t get out there and talk about it, we didn’t share our stories last year. Some of my friends have been diagnosed with breast cancer that should have been caught earlier,” said Allen.

In 2012, Allen shared her personal battle with breast cancer in the TLC special, Say Yes to the Cure: Lori’s Fight, which is now used as a cancer education tool.

“As you can probably tell on the show, I’m a very hyper, busy person. Now, I cut it down to what’s important to me. Just stopping and smelling the roses,” says Allen about how she is thriving after breast cancer.

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