Public Speakers Spur The College Station City Council To Discuss A Possible Rental Inspection Ordinance

College Station city council members listen for 30 minutes at the beginning of Thursday’s meeting to nine public speakers who are seeking a rental inspection ordinance.

At the end of the meeting, a unanimous council agreed to hold a workshop.

Two of the speakers brought up health issues as the result of toxic mold in rental homes and apartments.

One speaker said he is still paying for renting what he described as a luxury apartment because he does not want to give up his legal rights.

Another speaker said their landlord doesn’t care because they can find another tenant due to the demand for rental housing.

A third person who said she was a first time renter is scared because she does not know what to look for.

A member of Texas A&M’s student senate said a resolution was passed on Wednesday supporting rental inspections.

No date was set when the council will discuss rental inspections.

Click below to hear some of the comments from the June 9, 2022 College Station city council meeting.

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