Noticeable Drop In Pandemic Activity At The Brazos County Jail

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Coronavirus cases at the Brazos County jail took a noticeable drop in the last week.

Sheriff Chris Kirk told county commissioners on Tuesday that the number of inmates who have tested positive dropped from 26 last week to two.

And the number of inmates who are quarantined fell from 161 to 62.

The sheriff also reported one employee who has been hospitalized with coronavirus continues to improve.

Two sheriff’s office employees are currently off work after being infected and six others are in quarantine.

County commissioner Chuck Konderla told Kirk, “Hats off to you sheriff and all those in your department. What a thing to have to deal with. To come down from the numbers like you are is impressive work. I know the people are really working hard to make that happen.”

Click below for comments from Chris Kirk and Chuck Konderla from the September 8, 2020 Brazos County commission meeting: