Navasota Man Accused Of Setting Fire To His Parent’s Mobile Home

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Photo of Miguel Muniz Jr. from
Photo of Miguel Muniz Jr. from
The 21st time in 20 years that a Navasota man is booked in the Brazos County jail, it is on charges of arson, evading arrest with a prior conviction, and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

42 year old Miguel Muniz Jr. is accused of setting fire to his parents mobile home south of Millican on Tuesday.

According to the Brazos County sheriff’s arrest report, deputies responded to a disturbance four hours before the fire, where Muniz said that he wanted to have a bonfire with the trailer. Deputies left the residence without making an arrest, then returned one hour later with firefighters to find the trailer collapsing from the fire.

According to online records, Muniz was released from jail October 2 after serving half of a 250 day sentence for resisting arrest last May.

Muniz was in jail Wednesday afternoon, held on the new charges in lieu of bonds totaling $17,000 dollars.