More Holiday Break Arrests

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For the third time this year, a Bryan man is arrested for driving with an invalid license. Online court records state that six weeks ago, 42 year old Christopher James Ramirez pleaded guilty to illegal driving last March and last July. On Tuesday, a SUV driven by Ramirez was stopped by a Texas A&M police (UPD) officer for having an outdated vehicle registration. According to the UPD arrest report, Ramirez told the officer his license was suspended and that he had no insurance on the vehicle. Ramirez is out of jail after posting a $2,000 dollar bond. Online court records show he is serving five years probation for possession of a controlled substance.

Bryan police respond twice during the first two hours of Christmas to a home where what started as a family fight resulted in an arrest on multiple charges. 25 year old Mark Gonzales of Bryan was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, failing to identify himself, and five Bryan municipal court warrants on traffic charges. He is out of jail after posting bonds on the new charges totaling $8,000 dollars. On the warrants, he was released to community service or to pay the fines later. Online court records show Gonzales is awaiting two trials on charges from earlier this year of family violence assault and violating a protection order.

Bryan police arrest a Houston woman following a crash in Hearne where the driver gave Hearne police a false name and Hearne police discovering she was driving a stolen car. According to the BPD arrest report, the woman was taken by ambulance from the crash to a Bryan hospital, and she was still in the waiting room when officers arrived. After she was treated, 32 year old Elyse Orona was taken to jail on charges of giving a false name and possessing methamphetamine. Orona, who was booked into the Brazos County jail on Tuesday, remained held Friday morning in lieu of bonds totaling $8,000 dollars.

Photos of (L-R) Christopher James Ramirez, Mark Gonzales, and Elyse Orona from
Photos of (L-R) Christopher James Ramirez, Mark Gonzales, and Elyse Orona from