More College Station Fires Caused Or Suspected To Be Caused By Cigarettes

College Station firefighters have been out on four fire response calls between last Thursday and Sunday, where cigarettes were suspected or confirmed to be the case.

Late Thursday afternoon at the Riverwalk Apartments south of Bee Creek Park, a resident reported a smoldering fire started after her cigarette butt went down a crack and ignited in a hidden space under the balcony. Firefighters from station two opened the hidden space from beneath and extinguished the fire.

Another apartment balcony fire took place Last Friday at Nimitz and McArthur.

On Saturday, a discarded cigarette into a flowerbed started a fire on Cottage Lane.

And Sunday night, a cigarette is suspected in starting a fire at a residence on Southwest Parkway. At that location, firefighters found an exterior wall smoldering next to a patio door.

CSFD reminds residents that cooking fires and cigarette fires are the leading causes of fires and property damage in College Station, and both types of fires are preventable.

Captain Stuart Marrs says to keep cooking areas clean and cut off the burners if you must step away.

For smokers, Marrs says smoke outdoors and use a sturdy fire-proof container for your ashes and butts.