Madisonville Woman Arrested For Helping Remove An ATM From A Northgate Business

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Photo of Wendy Arjon from
Photo of Wendy Arjon from
Five months ago, an A-T-M machine containing almost $6,000 dollars was taken from outside a bar in the Northgate district.

Last Friday, one of two suspects identified by College Station police was arrested.

According to the CSPD arrest report, 25 year old Wendy Arjon of Madisonville denies driving the vehicle that was used in the theft on March 3.

According to surveillance video, three attempts were made before the A-T-M outside The Backyard bar was removed.

Arjon and her partner are also accused of taking an A-T-M in Montgomery. The partner is also accused breaking into bill pay stations at the Mid-South co-op in Navasota.

Arjon is out of jail after posting a $50,000 dollar bond.