Local Horticulturist Explains Pollen

The yellow or white pollen covering your car and patio furniture is primarily tree pollen.

Skip Richter, Brazos County Extension Horticulturist, says the peak time for tree pollen is March and April.

“We are kind of in a big time for that now, but once we get into mid-May, we shouldn’t have as much of that anymore,” said Richter.

If you are suffering from allergies right now, Richter says it might not be from the tree pollen you can see.

“Pollen that affects people’s allergies is often not noticed. Bermuda grass puts out pollen and that is not one that is going to turn your cars white or yellow, but it can affect some people,” said Richter.

Richter says pollen levels also increase with dry, warmer weather, and windy conditions can bring in allergens from outside the county.

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