Local Arrests Involving Charges Of Filing A False Police Report, Possessing “Criminal Instruments”, Possessing Illegal Drugs, And Tire Dumping

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11 College Station police patrol units responded red lights and siren Monday night to the area of University and Texas for what turned out to be a hit and run crash. A Bryan woman who is accused of causing the crash was also arrested for calling in a false report. According to the CSPD arrest report, 31 year old Alicia Young said she saw someone going into a convenience store and a tattoo parlor with a knife and gun with the intent to kill individuals inside both businesses. Young was arrested by Bryan police following a second hit and run collision in the area of Coulter and William Joel Bryan. The victim of the second hit and run collision did not want to press charges because there was no damage to his truck. But Young was charged by BPD for driving with an invalid license with a prior conviction. She was released from jail on Wednesday after posting bonds totaling $6,000 dollars. At the time of her arrest, Young was awaiting four trials in Brazos County on misdemeanor charges of DWI and four counts of possessing marijuana.

Riding a bicycle at three in the morning without a headlight got the bicyclist stopped by Bryan police. That led to the arrest of 26 year old Keandre Perry of Bryan, who is jailed in lieu of a $200,000 dollar bond on a charge of unlawful use of criminal instruments. Perry was described in the arrest report as a well known burglar and thief with an extensive history of burglarizing vehicles and buildings, criminal trespassing, and stealing from various places. Among the tools officers found in Perry’s pockets and inside a backpack were two screwdrivers, a channellock, a multi-tool with an assortment of tool bits, and three cell phones. At the time of his arrest, Perry was awaiting a trial in Brazos County district court on a felony theft charge from an incident last year.

College Station police has arrested a local man for the second time in five months on drug charges. 21 year old Michael Ballas was arrested following a search at one apartment on Monday. That followed a search that took place in May at a different apartment. According to the arrest report associated with the May 21st search, Ballas’s social media posts during a 24 hour period monitored by CSPD indicated he had a variety of drugs for sale. Officers found various quantities of psychedelic mushrooms, Adderall, marijuana, THC, and a large amount of cash of which the specific amount was not disclosed. On Monday, officers found more Adderall, marijuana, and THC. Ballas was released from jail on Tuesday after posting bonds totaling $110,000 dollars.

A Bryan man who admitted to dumping tires along the Brazos River last November is now accused of doing the same behind a College Station vehicle repair business. College Station police used surveillance video from Meineke car care on Southwest Parkway that led to the arrest of 68 year old Jerone Toliver. CSPD’s arrest report did not indicate how many tires Toliver left behind the afternoon of September 23. Toliver, who was booked on Monday, is out of jail after posting a $4,000 bond. According to court records from last year’s incident, Toliver pleaded guilty July 14th and was ordered to pay $855 dollars in fines and court costs.

Photos of (L-R) Alicia Young, Keandre Perry, Michael Ballas, and Jerone Toliver from https://jailsearch.brazoscountytx.gov/JailSearch/default.aspx
Photos of (L-R) Alicia Young, Keandre Perry, Michael Ballas, and Jerone Toliver from https://jailsearch.brazoscountytx.gov/JailSearch/default.aspx