Keys Left In A College Station Clothing Store Dressing Room Leads To The Theft Of A Pickup Truck

Photo of Alicia Clay from
Photo of Alicia Clay from
College Station police release an arrest report Wednesday regarding the theft of a pickup truck from the parking lot of Post Oak Mall on March 16.

The victim told officers she left her keys and her wallet in the dressing room of a clothing store.

The victim notified CSPD after seeing her truck leave the mall.

The same day, officers spotted the 2021 model truck and were engaged in a chase that ended when the truck was involved in a crash at Glenhaven and Leopard.

One of two women who were in the truck was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

17 year old Alicia Clay of Bryan told officers according to her arrest report that she and a friend took the keys and the wallet and it was her friend who drove the truck.

Clay’s friend, who ran after the crash, has not been arrested.

Clay has been in jail since March 23 on a hold for juvenile authorities and an arrest for failing to identify. Bond on the latest charge was set at $25,000 dollars.