Incorrect Year Found At The Top Of All Brazos County Property Tax Statements

Photo of the Brazos County tax office that was taken April 29, 2015.
Photo of the Brazos County tax office that was taken April 29, 2015.

Almost 116,000 Brazos County property tax statements were mailed with the wrong tax year printed at the top.

Tax assessor-collector Kristy Roe says everything else is correct. And the mistake does not mean getting additional time to pay property taxes.

Roe says they will not be sending another statement.

Instead, property owners will be getting another letter explaining the one mistake on their statement.

Click below for comments from Kristy Roe, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver:

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News release from Brazos County:

The Brazos County Tax Office has spent the past few months preparing the data necessary to generate and mail just under 116,000 tax statements to Brazos County property owners.

An issue with the statement came to light when the statements actually began to show up in mail boxes this week. The forms that are created in September each year, and delivered to the contracted printer to use for the final information to be added, were printed with the incorrect tax year at the top of the form. The tax office has verified that the correct information was provided to the contractor responsible for the forms and the error occurred there.

The actual information printed on the perforated forms is the 2021 tax roll data, and specifies the 2021 tax year on the payment stubs and in the five-year history provided on the back of the statement. To clarify and avoid confusion, a letter will be sent to Brazos County property owners explaining the mishap, and verifying that the statements mailed are for the 2021 tax year.

Any taxpayer who wishes to have a statement that does not list 2020 at the top of the statement can obtain one from the Brazos County Tax Office website at The statements can be printed, downloaded or emailed to the taxpayer from the property information page when viewed. Please note: the website statements will not include separate payment stubs for split payments. Taxpayers are encouraged to utilize the split payment stubs from the mailed statements.