Fireworks Are Illegal In College Station And Bryan And Other Holiday Fire Safety Information

The holiday weekend means twice the number of fire calls.

College Station fire department captain Stuart Marrs says that’s due in part to children being burned by fireworks and outdoor grills.

Marrs says safer devices for children to celebrate the holiday are glow sticks, party poppers, or noisemakers.

He also says outdoor grills should always be supervised.

For those shooting fireworks, remember to properly dispose of the remains to avoid starting fires.

Click below for comments from Stuart Marrs, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver:

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Additional information from the College Station fire department:

The College Station Fire Marshal’s Office encourages the community to attend professional fireworks displays instead of using fireworks at home, find safe alternatives to fireworks, and practice pandemic
precautions, including social distancing and masks.

“Our community offers public fireworks displays and events for residents to safely celebrate Independence Day, but with the spread of COVID-19, we encourage everyone to practice social distancing and to wear masks,” said College Station Fire Marshal Eric Dotson. “If you use consumer fireworks outside of the city, read the cautionary labels and dispose of your fireworks properly.”

The College Station Fire Marshal’s Office encourages residents to follow these recommended safety tips:

• Follow the law. Make sure fireworks are legal in your location.

• Read and follow the directions and warning labels on fireworks packaging.

• Never allow children to play with or ignite fireworks alone.

• Light only one firework at a time.

• Do not point fireworks at homes, buildings, or people.

• Never consume alcohol or drugs while shooting fireworks.

• Make sure there is a bucket of water or water source nearby for emergencies and to soak used fireworks before disposing of them in the trash.

• Be considerate of neighbors when it comes to noise and the trash left behind.

• Pets and fireworks do not mix. The loud noises can cause pets to become anxious or afraid.