District 2 VFD Adds Second Large Water Truck to Brazos County

Until recently, the College Station Fire Department owned the only 3,000 gallon water tender in the county.

Firefighter Travis Rollins says District 2, which covers the northeast portion of Brazos County, now has a similar truck.

Photo courtesy of District 2 VFD

“They were always willing to to send it when we needed it, but it is house on William D. Fitch. So you have 3,000 gallons on the south end of the county. Now you have 3,000 gallons on the north end of the county,” says Rollins.

A water tender carries a large volume of water to a fire scene. Rollins says this particular vehicle can also “pump and roll”, which comes in handy when fighting grass fires on the highway.

“You can actually have a firefighter, walking to next to it with a hose, vehicle in motion, pump running and actively putting out the fire,” says Rollins.

Rollins also thanked Kurten and Wixon Valley for putting in more hydrants in their service areas.

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