Demolition Of Texas World Speedway

Demolition is underway at the Texas World Speedway in south College Station.

Landowner Bill Mather says by Friday, the press box tower will no longer visible from Highway 6.

The demolition is part of the preparation for building the main entrance to the Southern Pointe master planned community.

More than 50 years after dirt was moved to create the raised oval racetrack, it is being returned to a flat surface.

Mather says the amount of dirt being moved is equal to raising the playing surface at Kyle Field by 200 feet…or raising the playing field at Olsen Field 120 feet, which is just above the field lights.

Mather says that’s about one-third of the amount of dirt that will be moved.

Mather says most of the salvageable items during demolition will be recycled. Some of the asphalt from the track will be used in some of the trails that will be built.

Speedway memorabilia is being collected and placed in storage.

The racetrack closed in June 2015. Since Southern Pointe opened last April, Mather says 40 percent of the 150 lots in the first phase have homes or will have homes built. And plans are being made to open more phases of what will eventually be around 1,400 homes.

Click below for comments from Bill Mather, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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Photo of Texas World Speedway demolition courtesy of a WTAW listener texting 979-695-1620.
Architect’s rendering of the main entrance to the Southern Pointe master planned community courtesy of Bill Mather.