Dallas Man Is Arrested On Charges Of Not Delivering Court Paperwork To Nine Brazos County Residents

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Photo of Trevian Crowe from https://jailsearch.brazoscountytx.gov/JailSearch/default.aspx
Photo of Trevian Crowe from https://jailsearch.brazoscountytx.gov/JailSearch/default.aspx
A Dallas man is in the Brazos County jail on aggravated perjury charges, after failing to deliver court notices to nine people last year.

26 year old Trevian Crowe was employed by a third party company hired by Brazos County to deliver court paperwork.

An investigation began by the sheriff’s office last August. That’s after justice of the peace Terrence Nunn reported defendants in two civil cases told him that they were never served papers.

That led to the discovery of Crowe not serving papers from two other Brazos County courts.

According to arrest reports, the sheriff’s investigator found records showing Crowe was in his Dallas office last year when he was supposed to be delivering court papers in person at five different Brazos County locations.

The CEO of the Oklahoma City based company hired to serve the court papers told investigators that Crowe was paid between $20,000 and $25,000 dollars for papers that were not delivered throughout Texas.

The CEO also said that Crowe learned how to get around security systems designed to flag fraudulent activity.

Crowe is out of jail after posting bonds totaling $72,000 dollars.