CSISD Patrons Hear Planned Budget Cuts

Part of the audience listening to CSISD Superintendent Eddie Coulson Thursday night inside the district's transportation center.

College Station ISD Superintendent Eddie Coulson told an audience Thursday night what has been cut from this year’s budget and what is proposed the next two years. 

That’s based on the latest information from the Legislature, where neither the House or Senate has reached a final decision on funding public education.  Dr. Coulson says it could be July before final decisions are reached in Austin.

From Dr. Coulson’s Powerpoint presentation, the superintendent used a dollar bill to illustrate what percentage of the CSISD budget goes to what.

What CSISD has cut so this year is shown below.

Cuts are proposed for the 2011-2012 school year are shown below. Dr. Coulson says based on the best information he has, there will be no layoffs the next two years.  But some will have a different job.

For the 2011-2012 school year, eight custodian positions will be gone.  There will be fewer in special education, the district will lose six librarians, three technical specialists, and central office vacancies will not be filled.

Savings in grades 5 through 12 personnel will come from having fewer instructors teaching six periods instead of five.

Eliminating more positions and savings from a new bus schedule proposed for 2012-2013 are shown below.

Dr. Coulson asked patrons to contact local members of the Legislature as well as the members of the House and Senate Education Committees.

Click HERE to listen to comments from Dr. Coulson after his presentation.