College Station Police Spend Friday Afternoon Identifying And Neutralizing A Suspicious Package

College Station police spent Friday afternoon in a shopping center parking lot identifying and neutralizing a suspicious package.

Lt. Steve Brock says a a large boiling pot container was found in a grass island near the Barnes & Noble store.

Brock said there were no vehicles around the container, which he said was taped down in a “fairly methodical” manner.

CSPD’s bomb squad x-rayed the container and used “some bomb squad techniques” “to disrupt the potential device that may be inside”, which “renders that (device) inert and keeps it from going off.”

Brock thanks the public for their cooperation during their operation and for those offering water as temperatures were in the mid-90’s and heat indices were over 100 degrees.

Click below for comments from Steve Brock, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver:

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