College Station Police Looking for Dog Owner

College Station Animal Control received a report Monday about a dog bite that occurred at Veteran’s Park on Thursday, March 1st.

A boy and his friend were skateboarding when three dogs approached them. When the boy bent over, one of the dogs bit him on the back of his thigh. The owner of the dog checked on the injured child, but then left the scene without leaving her information.

The victim described the dog as large, black and fluffy, similar to a “sheep-herding” dog. He described the other two dogs as a smaller, gray dog and a small to medium size white and black dog. The owner of the dogs is described as a white female with dark blonde hair. There was a white male adult and a white female child with the owner as well.  

College Station Police Officer Rhonda Seaton said animal bite incidents should be treated like traffic accidents; it is not imperative that you call the police right away, but you should get the dog owner’s information before they leave the scene.

The dog in this case needs to be located and observed so animal control can rule out rabies exposure for the victim. If you have any information on the location of this dog, contact CSPD at 764-3600.

Comments from Rhonda Seaton, March 5, 2012