College Station Police Arrest A Bryan Woman On Charges Of Drunk Driving Manslaughter And Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon

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Photo of Paulina Del Mazo from
Photo of Paulina Del Mazo from
A Bryan woman was arrested last Friday on charges related to a fatality crash that took place in College Station on July 25.

22 year old Paulina Del Mazo, who was driving a SUV that struck a sign in front of the T-Mobile store at Texas and Lincoln, was charged with being under the influence of alcohol when committing vehicular manslaughter and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the College Station police arrest report, Del Mazo’s blood alcohol level was almost one and a half times the legal limit at .139.

Investigators found video evidence of the driver and her two passengers consuming alcohol before the crash.

There was also video from traffic cameras that Del Mazo demonstrated what the arrest report described as “reckless driving” from the intersection of Dartmouth and Holleman until right before her SUV struck a sign in front of the T-Mobile store at Texas and Lincoln.

Five seconds before the sign was hit, investigators determined the SUV was travelling 68 miles per hour.

And investigators estimated the SUV was going 63 miles per hour when the vehicle struck the sign.

The passenger who died, 20 year old Erik Garcia, was found pinned underneath the SUV near the back right tire.

Another passenger and the driver were hospitalized with multiple injuries.

Del Mazo is out of jail after posting bonds totaling $40,000 dollars.