College Station Man Goes To Jail For The Second Time In As Many Months After His Arrest For Shooting A Boy With A B-B Gun

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Photo of Xzavier Clayton from
Photo of Xzavier Clayton from
A 19 year old College Station man is in jail for the second time in as many months.

Xzavier Clayton was arrested Sunday on a charge of shooting a B-B gun multiple times at a 13 year old boy in February.

A College Station police officer wrote in their arrest report that he counted 23 welts caused by B-B shots on the boy’s back and arms.

The victim identified Clayton as one of several people in a vehicle were the shots were fired.

According to online court records, prosecutors want to prosecute Clayton on a charge of failing to identify himself after he was given probation last year.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Clayton remains in jail in lieu of a $25,000 dollar bond following his arrest of injuring a child.