College Station ISD School Board Approves Conducting Another Facilities Study

Screen shot from a College Station ISD memo.
Screen shot from a College Station ISD memo.

Ten months after voters in College Station ISD approve a bond issue focused on deferred maintenance, CSISD school board members approve doing another study of district facilities.

During the school board’s September 20 meeting, CSISD chief financial officer Amy Drozd noted a similar study was done three years ago.

Drozd says the goal is to come up with getting long range building recommendations that will include a ten year forecast that will also take into account current and future student population in CSISD.

Drozd expects the architect’s report to be completed by next January or February.

Click HERE to read and download a CSISD memo providing more information about the next facilities study.

Click below to hear comments from Amy Drozd from the September 20, 2022 CSISD school board meeting.