College Station ISD Administrators Proposing A Policy Regulating Tracking Devices On Students

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At a future meeting, College Station ISD school board members will consider action regarding the use of tracking devices by students.

A proposal brought up at at last week’s CSISD board meeting by deputy superintendent Molley Perry would require parents to get permission from campus principals to activate tracking devices.

Dr. Perry said “these devices often also include a listen in or a recording capability. And so that does present concerns related to privacy in the classroom and being able to hear other students and things of that nature.”

She went on to say that “should a parent have their child wear this device and due to those privacy concerns that we would prohibit any unauthorized audio or visual recordings or transmission of audio or other images of students.”

Perry says the policy, if approved, would apply to all students in CSISD.

The policy was drafted following requests by parents of special needs students.

Click below for comments from Molley Perry during the August 16, 2022 College Station ISD school board workshop meeting.